Studio Attire

  • Grip socks are highly suggested for each and every class due to health and safety reasons.
  • Please wear form fitted clothing so we can see your body move to correct form.
  • Please bring a towel, grip socks and a water bottle.
  • No gum chewing.  Cell phones must be put on vibrate before entering studio.  If cell phone must be answered, please put on vibrate and let the instructor know before class starts.  Answer phone outside of studio to avoid disruption.

Class Scheduling and Arrival

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before scheduled class time if you are new.  This allows enough time to get ready for class.
  • If new to studio, please fill out a new client form with detailed information.
  • If any physical limitations, injuries or pregnant, please inform the instructor so modifications can be given.
  • To sign up for sessions, please use our online website by clicking the book now button.  Classes must be paid for before signing up for classes.

Late Cancels

  • Reservations for sessions must be at least 4 hours before class starts.
  • If you late cancel or you do not show, you loose that class.

Packages and Refunds

  • Packages start the date purchased.  Packages cannot be extended or refunded at any time.  Please note your expiration date.
  • No refunds for packages, sessions or merchandise can be given at any time.
  • No package sharing of any kind.