Barre Certification

Transform Barre Certification is designed to be instructed by certified and/or licensed fitness professionals, Pilates or Yoga trained or certified instructors or someone who has taken at least 20 barre classes if not trained or certified in fitness.
Transform Barre is geared towards any fitness level combined with modifications for anyone with physical limitations and/or pregnancy. Doing Transform Barre 3 to 5 times per week will burn calories and fat as well as tone, sculpt and firm your entire body. Your whole body will take on a new shape within 90 days if done effectively.
Transform Barre Certification will teach the instructor how to effectively and safely teach barre classes to any client or student. They will learn the principles of Pilates matwork, ballet, modern dance and strength building. After Transform Barre Certification, the instructor will be able to design their own Barre class following our program. They will be able to take their teaching to a whole new level! Transform Barre is a great full body workout that anyone can do. It’s a great class to add to any fitness environment!

After taking 2 exams and completing the hours for Transform Barre, the instructor will now know how to teach a professional and challenging Transform Barre class. It’s a great class to add to any fitness environment! Learning these techniques will expand your fitness teaching and it will apply to so many other classes as well.


Must be a fitness professional; certified/trained.

Must be certified/trained in pilates, yoga, etc.

Must have taken at least 20 Barre classes if not fitness certified or trained.


20 hours

15 Practice Hours

5 Teaching Hours


2 exams: one written and one practical exam

Written exam will be taken one month from the last day we meet

Practical exam will be taken the last day we meet


Cost is $350 per person.

This includes manual, training and onsite hours.

*Transform Barre is currently looking for additional barre instructors for specific time and day classes.  Please email us for more information.

**Please note, taking this certification does not guarantee you a position with Transform Barre.  We look for exceptional instructors who are a good fit for our studio and clients.

***Transform Barre has a non-compete agreement when taking this certification.  No Transform Barre instructor is allowed to teach Transform Barre within a 5 mile radius of the studio.  If you teach Transform Barre outside of the studio, you must call it Transform Barre.  Thank you for your understanding!